Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need you, when I can search for a property myself?

A: I’m all about saving time and stress. If you have plenty of time to call and deal with estate agents, to search for and view properties and to drive around the area checking out amenities and facilities - and you’re happy to do it, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’d like someone to do all that for you, just give me a call.

Q: How much time will I need to spend with you?

A: Less than you might think. We’ll just need an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, then we’ll view pre-selected properties on a scheduled viewing day.

Q: Will I view properties during my working day?

A: It may be necessary to do this, especially if the supply of properties is short, as timing will be of the essence. However, wherever possible, I will arrange viewings to suit you - in a lunch-time, after work, evenings or weekends, depending on the agent, landlord or vendor.

Q: Will you help me with price and timing negotiations?

A: Absolutely, if you would like me to. We can negotiate the best terms on your behalf and keep in touch with the agent during the process.

Q: Will you read through the Tenancy Agreement with me?

A: I’m very happy to do this, and will make you aware of any clauses which may be unusual. Also, if any clauses need amending, we will liaise with the agent to negotiate this.

Q: We’re new to the area – do you have professional services and trades that you recommend?

A: Yes, we do and have personally used all the contractors, suppliers and tradespeople, so we can recommend them with confidence.

Q: What happens if I am out of the country when I am supposed to move in?

A: For rented properties, we can attend the inventory meeting on your behalf and then meet you at your convenience to hand over the keys and to go through the report with you.

Q: Can I pay you in stages?

A: Following the engagement fee payment, we can tailor the fee in a payment plan to suit your financial situation.

Q: How does your service work if I am currently living outside the UK?

A: The process is very similar – we’ll have a chat about what you’re looking for and where you might like to live. We’ll shortlist properties for you, and arrange viewings at a time when you may be coming to the UK anyway, or when you can fit viewings into your schedule. We’ll collect you from the airport and make sure the whole process is as easy as possible.

Q: Can you show me around the areas I’m interested in?

A: We can - we offer an ‘Orientation Tour’ service to help you see local areas so that you can decide on a town or village that suits your needs.

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